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The flash was very good. Well done.... but the music.... well your basic backing was fine (could do with a bit better quality) But... well... it just wasnt very good... i know it fit the cartoon well.... but... well. Sorry just wasnt very good music :p

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

*cue Indian Chief with single tear going down his cheek.*


I have to say that really made me laugh! good one.

If this was your first flash.. very very well done.

The only thing i can find flaw in is the sound... all you need to make it one damn good flash is to add a little more sound, maybe some background noise... theres points when its silent and it just doesnt flow..

apart from that.. great! 5/5

Mitochon responds:

Good point about the dead spots, thanks. I'll keep that in mind for my next one.


Yes ok so the music was fitting for the movie... but i didnt like the movie.. and the music made it worse.

It was really slow and uninspiring... it just didnt grab me at all... and thats important in a movie.

Nice try anyway though... maybe a better idea would help bring your animation along because your animation is good.

Violet-AIM responds:

Well there's a different story for each Lepo episode, so if you don't like this particular one, that's okay, there will be other stories. Also, you can watch one of the previous Lepo episodes. Maybe you might like one of them instead. Thanks for reviewing i_want_to_explode.

Yes not bad...

OK good drawings... smooth animation (to an extent) nice sound... but as i think was mentioned in the last review.... a pointless movie with one very bad joke... i can understand if it has personal significance and if the joke will be found funny by a few who know of it and your self... but honestly.. from the 99% of us who wont care less, it sucked. (is that a good reason as to why i didnt like it?)

Wonchop responds:

well it seemed to be a huge hit with the british people on the playstation forums. i guess americans are harder to manipulate.

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