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Hey i love it!

The theme worked, the sound worked, it was damn funny.

A great movie... woooo nice one

Yes not bad...

OK good drawings... smooth animation (to an extent) nice sound... but as i think was mentioned in the last review.... a pointless movie with one very bad joke... i can understand if it has personal significance and if the joke will be found funny by a few who know of it and your self... but honestly.. from the 99% of us who wont care less, it sucked. (is that a good reason as to why i didnt like it?)

Wonchop responds:

well it seemed to be a huge hit with the british people on the playstation forums. i guess americans are harder to manipulate.

Love it

This has to be one of my most watched of the flash. I love all the legendary Frog work but this i think is the best... all i could find wrong with it was that when someone starts talking there is a crackly of sound... but hey who would notice that...
Nice one


... When i first saw it i loved it.. and laughed a lot. But then i though..'hey, thats nothing special, the animation and sound aernt that great and there is not a lot to it' ... then i rememberd he blew up... nice :D

badger badger badger badger badger badger

Badger badger badger.... cant get this out of my head... cant stop listing to it.... damm you!!!

did you know after a while of playing it the music and animation goes out of sinc? strange... yet even more hillarious.. thnak you for this wonderfull acompliment to all our lives..... badger badger badger


Lol... Some from the Netherlands needs to make a flash dedicated to "eeehhhhhh.... Biertje!"

Not bad

Whats uo with homophobic people on this site blamming anyithing liek this? Who cares about the Theme.... the context and content is funny... nice one.

(not that im sticking up for all of them... some are just plane offensive)... not this one by the way :p

This was boring

The opening music was good. The graphics are ok. Other than that, the plot is boring, the sounds are just anoying and it is teadiously slow to watch

Another modern classic :p

Again with the goods


I loved it... now just make it into a game :D

I am the root of all evil but you can call me Cookie. Listen to my Music please... im a music man... not a flash artist...shame.

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